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Ashanna Solaris

Ashanna Solaris is a practitioner, trainer, co-founder and pioneer of the profound practice of Clarity Breathwork~a gentle, nurturing feminine approach to healing, transformation and embodiment.

She has led hundreds of trainings, workshops and retreats around the world. She trains practitioners, as well as leads individuals through a powerful path of releasing their blocks so they can open to & live their greater potential.

Ashanna brings a wealth of experience and training with 26 + years in the healing arts integrating Breathwork, Light Body, Reiki & Energy Healing, Somatic Experiencing, Ritual, dance and movement. Ashanna has a deep passion to inspire others to live their fullest potential & give their greatest offering.

Heike Strombach

Heike is an internationally renowned Rebirther and breathwork teacher. She is a nurse and teaching nurse by training, working in nursing homes, psychiatric hospitals and nursing schools. 

Her personal search for inner transformation led her to find Rebirthing Breathwork, and the founder of the conscious breathing movement, Leonard Orr. Studying and working closely with Leonard Orr for 28 years she has personally experienced the amazing power of rebirthing breathwork for inner transformation, as well as she has guided others on this path to self discovery. 

Heike has her Training center near Cologne, Germany and trains Rebirthing breathworker internationally.

Sam Reda

Born in Beirut in 1961, Sam grew up in Sydney, Australia. A spinal injury in a car accident in 1984 set him off on a healing journey, which brought him to the magical world of Breathwork in 1987, in Australia's Rainbow Region.

He became a certified Breathwork Therapist and maintains there are no strict rules, as various Breathing rhythms are shown to seekers on the path. 

Breath has helped Sam walk on fire, safely home birthed his daughter with his partner, opened the way to experience channeling, astral-traveling and making rare encounters. Sam has been teaching Breathwork skills to help unlock the mind's clutches from our daily lives to experience a life of beauty, innocent charm, mystery and uniqueness.

Chitra Kaul

Chitra has been highly intuitive since childhood and utilizes this gift while guiding others. She started on this healing journey in 1997 with Reiki and Meditations. She became aware of Rebirthing Breathwork in a dream in the year 2000, when she was bedridden due to a disc herniation and neural foraminal stenosis and was guided in her dream to do Breathwork. She then trained directly under Leonard Orr, the founder of Rebirthing Breathwork, and has been teaching Rebirthing Breathwork since 2000. 

On the full moon night in October 2016, Chitra was blessed with the Healing Energy, which she combines with other healing techniques that were revealed to her in a dream. The true purpose of her life is to help and guide people in healing themselves and to connect back to the Source and Universe.

Arne Rantzen

After 5 years as a Tibetan Buddhist monk, Arne encountered Breathwork in 1984 and has dedicated his life to practicing, coaching and teaching breathwork internationally ever since.

Arne is a certified Rebirth Trainer, Loving Relationships Trainer, Body Harmony Teacher, International Seminar Leadership Program Teacher, and founder of the "Unlimited Body" bodywork system and the "Unlimited Breath" modality. 

Today, in recognition of our vital core, he has founded "Natural Breathing" and "Creative Questions Approach and Creative Questions App". He is also the author of "The Owner's Manual" - that details all there is to know about Natural Breathing.

Virginia Peace Arnold

Peace is a close associate of Leonard Orr, having spent 3 years in full time training under Leonard’s direction, followed by an additional 12 + years in community outreach, organization, social media building, and otherwise supporting the expansion of Rebirthing Breathwork and Rebirthing worldwide, as well as maintaining an ongoing relationship with Leonard over the course of his lifetime.

Peace has a lifetime of experience as a practitioner of traditional healing arts, including folk herbalism; yoga/chi gong therapy; traditional Chinese medicine; Rebirthing Breathwork, and Grief Recovery. 

Peace served as Director of Complementary modalities at Comprehensive Pain Management in NYC. And, is a founding member and Vice President of the newly forming Rebirth International Breathwork Association

Lucille Fauque

Lucille is a trained transpersonal therapist, a coach and Breathworker. She believes that we are spiritual beings on earth and we should aim to live a life where we can express our soul’s desire.

After spending 10 years in the corporate world, Lucille received signs that it was time for her to release the masks she was wearing to fit in a society and go find who she really was. Her journey began with a long travel and spiritual experiences that led her to heal, listen to her soul’s calling, her intuition and her feminine. 2.5 years ago she received a message to learn rebirthing, which led her to study rebirthing breathwork under the guidance of its founder, Leonard Orr.

She applies her personal transformational experiences with the divine feminine energy and expanded states of consciousness to help and guide others.

Julie King

Born in Kazakhstan and raised in the US, Julie has been introduced to breathwork from the age of 16. She is the second generation of conscious breathers and is an expert in Tao of Breath, Clarity Breathwork, Holotropic Breathwork. She is an Usui and Karuna Master Teacher, Sound Healer, Aroma Therapist, Life Coach, a Hypnotherapist and has an MFA in Opera Performance from California Institute of Arts. 

Julie is a professional musician and Grammy Nominated vocalist for her single “Forgiveness”. Julie has taught breathwork in Bali, Thailand, Turkey, Mexico and US.

Chandra Andrea Polyak

Born in Hungary, Chandra first came across Breathwork in 2000. In 2010, she moved to Thailand, to join a tantric yoga community, where she studied and practiced sacred and unique teachings in the field of yoga, tantra, rituals and mysticism.

Chandra trained under the guidance of Leonard Orr in 2011 and 2013. Her experiences with rebirthing breathwork were so profound and empowering, that she began introducing Rebirthing Breathwork to the yoga community in Thailand, and developed a 6-week long personal development program, specialised in “inner child” healing.

Since 2015, she has been running trainings and courses, empowering a global audience with yoga, tantra and rebirthing breathwork. Her dedication to the traditional tantric practices led her to participate in a 7-year long training in India, to learn the mysticism of mantras and fire practices

Joaquin Espinacas & Viviana Escobar

Viviana and Joaquin are Breath Masters, Wellness Advisors, and the founders of Mána Breathwork. For over 20 years they have experimented with different spiritual development techniques and disciplines. They have shared their experiences and knowledge in seminars, workshops, retreats, conferences, and individual sessions with students throughout America, the Middle East, and Europe.

Over the years, they had the opportunity to bring their conscious approach and method to diplomats, country leaders, royal families, celebrities, executives, and athletes. Combining all their knowledge and experience, they have developed the Mana Breathwork Method. Viviana and Joaquin are committed to transmitting the principles of the Evolution of Consciousness, Personal Empowerment, Global Coherence, and Integral Health. They enjoy helping students preserve their youth, regenerate their bodies, surrender the mind, and enhance their creativity and performance through this advanced science. 

Matthew James Donnachie

Matthew is the founder of inner balance life a Bespoke action therapy clinic in Surrey, England.

Matthew has spent the last 12 years using breathwork for his own benefit but also helping people transform their own lives as he has done. Matthew has spoken internationally and was featured in ‘what doctors don’t tell you’ magazine due to the amazing results his clients consistently experience. 

Devendra Narayan Bajaj, PhD

Born and raised in central India, Devendra grew up watching his mother sing devotional hymns, chant mantras, and practice yoga & pranayama every morning; practices, which he never fully embraced, until many years later, when he struggled with chronic stress and anxiety, and turned towards Yoga and Pranayama to find inner balance and peace in his life. What he ended up finding was much more than peace and harmony. Yoga showed him a glimpse of his higher purpose in life, which is to serve others. Devendra has since founded Cultivate Prana, with the mission to serve a global audience with the practice, knowledge and wisdom of Yoga, and other eastern and indigenous practices. 

Devendra is an engineer, scientist, yoga teacher and coach. He's an initiate in the Kriya Kundalini Pranayama of Mahaavatar Kriya Babaji. His methods weave yoga, breathwork and meditation practices to bring profound states of relaxation and awareness of the inner (subtle) dimensions of our being. He has taught breathwork to yoga teachers, singers, business leaders and regularly conducts in-person and online trainings.

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